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Your First Choice for Personal Luxury & Elevated Travel

We are a premier travel agency specializing in
Luxury All Inclusive Travel -
river cruises, yacht vacations, small ship expedition cruises, private jet travel, beach resorts, and luxury vacation experiences to the world's most sought after and lesser known destinations

Where you are treated like a VIP every step of the way 
We Take Client Care Seriously

Having a travel expert in your back pocket is the ultimate secret weapon while you’re traveling. We’re always standing by to answer your questions, quell your concerns, provide you with invaluable information, and ensure that your vacation is everything you want it to be.

We Are Committed to Your Happiness

We don’t just want our clients satisfied, we want them to be truly happy! We take pride in vetting the destinations, experiences, and products we share with our clients. We will fly in to inspect ships, interview management, and make note of anything we feel we can do to elevate our client’s experience. We want you to come home from your trip feeling relaxed, re-charged, and eager to start planning your next vacation.

We Present You With the Best

We don’t want you worrying about having to sift through endless options that don’t match your travel preferences. The internet doesn’t know you, but we do. Our clients return to us time and time again because we created a customized profile for them, and we will always present them with options that best reflect their desires.

We want to change the way you’ve been travelling so you never look back... 

You could waste countless hours online trying to find all the answers, but the internet isn’t going to take the time to learn what type of traveller you are - we will. 


Are you excited about taking your first river cruise, but have no idea which ports of call you want to visit? Have you always loved the idea of taking an expedition cruise, but you’re not sure what the onboard experience is like? Is your style to explore the world on a deeper level, by private jet with the most knowledgable guides? Maybe what you need right now is a well-deserved relaxing vacation on the beach, where your personal butler will take care of all of your needs.

We believe stepping on board a river cruise, expedition ship, private jet, or visiting an off-track destination can be a life-changing experience, and we want to show you how. We accomplish this by investing time into getting to know our clients. We pair their desires with exceptional products and destinations, ensuring their experience is highly personalized. 

You’ve spent much of your life reading about these experiences in glossy magazines, or heard your friends and colleagues regale tales of their incredible river cruises, expedition trips, private jet vacations, and luxury tours. Now it’s your turn to pack your bags, step on board, and start exploring destinations in a way that gives you a front-row seat to the planet’s most beautiful rivers, oceans, and landscapes. 

Our affiliation with leading travel host agency, Nexion Travel Group, adds another layer of excellence and reassurance for you. The benefit of being a member of a top-ranked travel group means we have a network of thousands of top travel experts to consult with, strong partnerships with the leading travel partners, access to the best offers and products for our clients, and high-quality up-to-date training.

9 Breathtaking Destinations Best Explored on a Small Ship 
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If you’re seeking a more intimate, authentic, and destination-intensive cruising experience, you need to step onboard a small ship.


Not sure where to go first? We’ve got 9 breathtaking destinations to convince you to choose a small ship cruise for your next trip. 

We understand that trying to fulfill those travel dreams can feel somewhat overwhelming, especially when you don't know where to start your search. We believe nothing should stand between you and the adventures you want to take.
We don't ever want you feeling lost at sea when it comes to planning that long-awaited bucket list vacation. Let us inspire you with exciting itineraries, a highly
personalized experience and ensure your trip planning is seamless and fun.

A focus on culturally immersive itineraries

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Intimate, exceptional, and unparalleled


'Luxe Adventure' itineraries

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Private flights and private jet vacations


Resorts with top-tier products and services


– STEP 1 –


Every great vacation starts with a phone consultation. We would love to get to know you and what you want in your next vacation.

– STEP 2 –


We will put together your personalized proposal, from there we fine tune and perfect your itinerary. 

– STEP 3 –


As you get excited for your vacation. We will continue to monitor flights, tours and accommodations and advise you of any important information about your vacation. We are also there to answer your question pre, during and post vacation.

How we work…
– STEP 1 –
Let’s Have a Chat 

You have travel dreams and you see your vacation unfolding in a particular way; it’s our job to make sure everything goes to plan. During our call, we’ll discuss your travel style, your expectations, and your preferences. If you feel that Bookin’ Good Travel will be a great fit for you, we’ll move ahead and start planning.

– STEP 2 –
Research & Itinerary Presentation

We jump into action, sorting out the itineraries, ships, onboard experiences, or destinations that best suit your upcoming trip. We hand select 2-3 of the best options, transform them into visually stunning itineraries, and help you decide where or on what private jet or ship you will be whisked away.

– STEP 3 –
Get Ready for Take-Off

You’ve booked and paid, and now comes the fun part; Packing, preparing, and planning your days on the water, onshore, and everywhere in between. We help you plan any shore excursions that pique your interest and make sure you have every piece of information you need to have a great trip.

Meet Heather Jones
I will help you redefine the way you've been traveling, and inspire you to try destinations and experiences you've never thought of...
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Hello! My name is Heather Jones and I am the founder of Bookin’ Good Travel

I am so glad you are here. 

With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, I truly do understand the importance of exceptional service and high-quality products. I value my client’s individual needs and desire to share unique travel experiences. Whether you’re seeking a vacation to relax and feel rejuvenated, or wanting an adventure that makes your heart race, I have plenty of travel inspiration and exciting ideas to motivate you to book that next trip.

My expertise lies in designing vacations where you will be treated like the VIP you are from beginning to end. I source vacations and experiences with the top river cruise lines, small ship brands, hotels, and adventure companies. My clients will experience an elevated level of service and luxurious amenities in the world’s most exclusive destinations. 

Dreamworthy Destinations
Travel Tips & Inspiration